• establish office services
  • custom market research report
  • hr consulting services
  • financial consultancy services
  • legal taxation services
  • interpreting services
business support services



Support services such as country's financial statistics, industry reports, financial & legal advice, accounting etc. are available to improve your operation efficiencies.
hr consultancy services, recruitment consultants



From finding the best staff for your business to providing training courses for you and your staff, our HR services will maximize the potential of your success in India.
business entry strategy



Our market feasibility studies, custom research, and valuation services will help you make a decision on business expansion in India.
establish office consultancy, establish office india



We will help you minimize the time and burden of establishing an office abroad with our expert advice on financial and legal matters.
office space planning, infrastructure consultancy



With our deep local knowledge, we will find the best location and create the best office environment to maximize your business potential.

As a bridge between Japan and India

India is one of the few countries which is continuously growing and attracting a number of investors and companies from abroad despite the global recession in recent years. Dealing with many Japanese corporate customers for many years, we have a deep insight into Japanese culture and corporate demands. Based in India, we can give you advice on the latest and accurate information of the country, help you set up an Indian office, and also provide you various business support services for years to come.
We offer detailed analysis reports designed according to the specific needs of your business, as well as reports of Indian industries that can be purchased without a fuss. Also, we provide various business and financial reports of countries such as India and other BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, and China), using the real-time statistics based on a number of first-class databases all over the world.
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As a company operating in India, we have the advantage of carrying out accurate, in-depth market research, and analysis. We keenly listen to every need of yours, and provide you with tailor-made research and analysis. These reports can make the best of as an indispensable reference to grasp and understand the current situation in your industry, and also as one of the important factors for your decision making. Read more
As a company, we understand the importance of business meetings in both countries and your needs, since we have been dealing with Japanese and Indian companies for many years. Our service, which includes scheduling, making travel, and other arrangements, will lighten your burden so that you can focus on your business. We also provide interpretation service for your important meetings.
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