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Domain Knowledge Training

Information Technology Training

IT in India has moved from a sector to becoming an industry thereby posing challenges to be up the curve with it. Whether you're looking to train systems engineers, software developers, or database administrators, we can customize a quality training strategy to fit your needs. We can provide you with professional training for various software products like SAS, MS Windows etc., all at competitive rates. We can also help develop and deliver training for your in-house applications

Finance Training

Financial jargons often seem like Latin and Greek to non-financial employees. Nonetheless, to enable your employees to be at sync with each other it is important for everyone to have basic knowledge about Finance. We provide a clear and concise overview of ratios used to measure Financial Performance, Financial Planning & Forecasting, Capital Budgeting Analysis, Managing Cash Flow, and various other aspects of financial management. We try to make things simpler and explain how budgets, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, risk assessment, and business plans are constructed.

English / Japanese Speaking training

Crimson offers exclusive opportunity to learn Japanese in India and English in Japan through our association with local language institutes. Various courses are offered to learn basic conversations, script learning, language characters learning, and extensive Grammar studies.

MS Office Training

We offer customized classroom Microsoft Office training for groups and instructor-led online Microsoft Office training for individuals. Our tailor made and cost-effective classes delivered at your offices or at a location near you will help increase the operational efficiencies of your employees.

GAAP Training

We also offer in-house training and public seminars in IFRS (The International Financial Reporting Standards), US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), local GAAP, Auditing principles, Fair Value Accounting, and Stock-based Compensation.

Business Climate Awareness

Yes, it may not be in your job description to understand what is happening in a particular country, and it won’t increase your technical knowledge of whatever field you have chosen…

… but beating your competition is all about going the extra mile. We help you do that through our sessions on awareness about global and local business climate, industrial conditions, business trends, economy cycles, and market insights.

Basic Laws (Country Specific) Including Taxation Training

We have designed a Basic Law Training Programme to impart basic knowledge of the essential aspects of local laws that would be required for daily use. Since it is very difficult to comprehend the local complex tax system, we come to your rescue by also familiarizing you with the local taxation laws and its interpretation.