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Establish Offices

Establish Offices India Setting up an office in a new country can be a laborious task especially in India as the federal laws and state laws tend to differ at times. We guide you to arrive at the best selection of city (whether Tier I/II/III and particular cities) for setting up office considering the excise laws for different states, land acquisition rights, proximity with raw material sourcing and so on. It is important that you are aware of all the processes and receive the right support and guidance.

Despite the National Government imposing the guidelines on the approval procedure for setting up an office, local authorities have the authority to interpret these guidelines individually and this can mean that, in most cases, the process differs from city to city. We can offer a hand-holding service, guiding you through each part of the process and offering practical support on the ground. We have a streamlined process and the right contacts with officials to help you set up your office in the shortest possible time and with the minimum of fuss. We will take care of the practical details of the setting up part so that you can concentrate on getting your business up and running.

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