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Financial Aspects

Guiding On The Foreign Investment Route

India has among the most liberal and transparent policies on FDI among the emerging economies. Cumulative FDI into India from April 2000 to March 2009 stands close to about $90 billion. FDI up to 100% is allowed under the automatic route in all activities/sectors except some, which require prior approval of the Central Government. We help you understand the policy rules better by guiding you through the investment route.

Capital Structuring

Fund RaisingCapital Structure refers to the way a corporation finances its assets through some combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities. A company's capital structure is then the composition or 'structure' of its various liabilities. For example, a firm which sells $20 billion in equity and $80 billion in debt is said to be 20% equity-financed and 80% debt-financed. The firm's ratio of debt to total financing, 80% in this example is referred to as the firm's leverage. In reality, the capital structure can be highly complex and includes various sources. We help determine the most optimum Capital Structure for companies of all sectors.

Fund Raising

Given the current trend of more and more foreign capital and funding needs, the fact that companies need to be put through the tedious process of due diligence prior to being approved for funding (especially in PSUs), and that investments are increasingly being done in stages now – all call for a comprehensive manner in the way deal flow and fund raising is managed. We all know that capital is hard to raise in a foreign country. We assess and provide feedback on your company’s funding needs and potential. We provide consultancy services to raise funds for project financing as well working capital requirements. We represent you before the various financial institutions for raising venture funds, structure the deal for you, negotiate to get the best deal for you, and document such financing.