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Interpretation Service

Crimson provides invaluable interpreting services to international governments, the public sector, and commercial organizations for their day-to-day businesses and customer support.

We also provide experienced, qualified interpreters in several languages and dialects across a global network for:

Phone Interpretation Telephone/Over the Phone Interpreting
A low cost, easy-to access system over the phone, with an average connection time of 36 seconds available round the clock

Face to Face Interpretation Face to Face Interpreting
Simple booking process, with rapid access to local interpreters for conferences, media launches, courtrooms, medical emergencies, large or small group meetings, and one-to-one appointments

Our interpreting team offers the most cost effective solution for your needs, with the experience of managing and setting up interpreting services and processes for:
  • customer call centers
  • hospitals and other medical institutions
  • emergency services
  • global conferences and sales meetings
  • product media launches
  • courtroom attendance and legal meetings
  • government departments, including UK National Government, Local Authorities, the EU and US Government federal agencies, police and security forces
Language Pairs Interpretation Language Pairs
At Crimson, we believe in using our experience to benefit our clients. With staff located in India and Japan, we have developed formal and informal contacts with an extensive network of interpreters in India and Japan. In addition, we have established networks of interpreters in most Western nations.

The language pairs that we most frequently operate with are:
  • Japanese and English (all geographic locations)
  • Indian languages and English (all locations in India)
  • Indian languages and Japanese (all locations in India)
  • European languages (all geographic languages)
  • Japanese and other languages (all geographic locations, with extensive network in Japan)
Besides these, we are experienced in many language combinations and locations. Please contact us with your requirements.

custom market research Our Clients
We provide service to clients within:
  • Governments – Governmental departments, federal and local governmental agencies, courts, police agencies
  • Private Sector – Legal, Financial, Energy & Utilities, Consumer & Retail, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Mobile & Telecoms, Technology & Software, Travel & Leisure
Conference Interpretation Conference Interpretation
Interpreting a speech does not mean translating literally word for word. In order to interpret a speech from its source language we need to transfer its semantic, connotative, and aesthetic content into another language, using the lexical, syntactic, and stylistic resources of the second, or “target” language. Effective interpretation requires that the intended message is understood perfectly.

One of the most important services Crimson offers is conference interpreting. With the advance of international trade and the Internet as an essential tool, several small and large organizations have gone global in a relatively short period of time. English is the universal language in the business world, and those who need to bridge the gap between English and other languages with the intention of addressing an audience in the target language or their native language need look no further.

Consecutive Interpretation Consecutive Interpretation
This type of interpreting is very flexible and perfect for board meetings, seminars, technical tours, on-site facility tours, and negotiations. The presenters verbally present a few sentences and pause while the interpreter repeats the same in the target language.

Consecutive interpretation differs slightly from simultaneous interpretation. Interpreters are required to listen to a consecutive speech in the source language (time varies according to the situation), and verbally interprets or expresses the content in the target language.

Our team of specialists is unparalleled in expertise and experience in consecutive interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation Simultaneous Interpretation
Conferences generally involve a large group of individuals and the most popular service in such cases is simultaneous interpreting. This involves the interpreter to be seated in a booth, listening through headphones to the incoming message in the source language and communicating the same over a microphone to an audience of listeners in the target language (also called “active” language), almost instantly.

A great amount of experience and expertise is required on the part of the interpreter since conference interpreters face a huge challenge in ensuring that accurate communication exists among the participants of the conference. Interpreters are trusted by speakers to deliver the message precisely as intended as well as to be understood by the listeners. This is where our interpreters prove that our services are matched by none in the industry.

Tourist/Escort Interpretation Tourist/Escort Interpretation
A tourist, by definition, is an intrepid explorer who is offered a window into a new culture and way of life. However, this can also present a problem where the tourists and the culture explored do not share a language. Our tourist interpretation services operates on the maxim that the interpreter serves as a cultural ambassador, and opens the tourist’s eyes to the history and civilization of the culture explored. Our tourist interpreters are adept at handling either individual tourists or groups of travelers. In addition to the usual explanations of places of interest and monuments visited, our interpreters will help the tourist communicate with local residents and help them understand their ethos and culture.

Business travelers, by contrast, must forego the leisurely pace of the tourist and must focus instead on getting as much information as possible from local contacts and meetings, while conveying their message effectively and ensuring the smooth conduct of the business at hand. Our Business Escort interpreters are well-used to this pace of working, and will work in tandem with the business traveler to provide the level of service they require. If you require interpreters with a specific industry background, we are more than happy to oblige – we believe that a knowledgeable interpreter aids businesspeople in conducting any negotiations and explaining their points of view more effectively. Our Business Escort interpretation services works on the basis of strict confidentiality, and our interpreters are contractually bound to hold all information they come across strictly private, even from our own employees (if the client so requires).

Please contact us for all your interpretation needs.

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