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Market Research

Should I / Should I Not?
Custom Market Research IndiaWe provide a full range of custom market research and data analytics solutions to our clients. We carry out a preliminary market feasibility study across segments and come up with an investigation report evaluating the proposition of setting up a branch/subsidiary/representative office in India or in Japan. We conduct in-depth business research studies of the value chain to understand the market characteristics (supply and demand, size and growth of the business, industry trends, technology assessment, competitor positioning, consumer preferences, regulatory/legal requirements, etc.). We are committed to delivering world class market research services to our clients. Business Climate Surveys are also conducted to enable us to evaluate India/Japan entry options for our clients. Our suite of research techniques delivers accurate and incisive market insights into:
  • How do you get a clear understanding of the business environment in the target country?
  • How do you gather better understanding of the market segment you cater to?
  • Which customers and products/services should you focus on to expand your market?
  • What is the impact of regulatory environments on your business?
  • What are the laws regarding entry barriers in a foreign market – FDI, Equity, FII?
  • What are the rebates/holidays you may enjoy as a foreign entity?
  • Where can you get help in developing a business case study justifying your new business initiatives (Market/Product)?
  • How do you increase your understanding of the competition?
  • How do you improve your knowledge of ongoing market developments?
custom market research Vehicle Quality Measurement Survey 2009
(Sample Report)