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Other Crimson Services

English Editing Services

Anglo-Saxon dominance of the global economy (first by imperial Britain and now by the United States and other Anglophone nations) has rendered English as the prime language for the conduct of global business, financial affairs, law, and cultural communication. English has always been known as the ‘first language’ of science and technology, and the vast majority of academic research is published in English. The use of English in academia is even on the ascendance in traditionally non-English speaking countries (according to a report, about 70-90% of Japanese, German, or Swiss academic journals are being published in the English language).

Enago, our sister concern, can handle English editing for all spheres of human endeavor – whether it involves the substantive editing of an academic manuscript written by a non-native author, or the light editing of a company's financial report written by a native English speaker. If you want your written English to be perfected, come to Enago!

Enago has forged a name for itself in the Japanese market, one of the most competitive markets for English-language editing services. We are consistently ranked among the top three editing companies in Japan, and have provided our editorial services to major Universities, corporate groups, and individuals – we handle more than 500 projects per month. Through strategic partnerships, our client lists have grown ever-more diverse with varied requirements and expectations. In spite of this diversity, we have retained our competitive edge in Japan.

In addition to editorial services, Enago provides end-to-end publication support to individual authors and journals. Please refer to the website for more details.
English Editing English Editing (Japan) -
English Editing (China) -
English Editing (Taiwan) -

At Crimson, we believe that companies that service any market must immerse themselves completely in understanding all elements of the business. In pursuance of this belief, we are a member of various editing associations in Japan and elsewhere, where we are actively engaged in sharing resources and furthering our innate understanding of the language services industry.
Society for Technical Communication -
Editorial Freelancers Association -
Technical Writers of India -
Council of Science Editors -
Copyediting -

Translation Service

As one of the world’s leading translation companies we pride ourselves on managing and producing the highest quality translations for clients globally. We focus on understanding the individual requirements for each translation project prior to undertaking the task to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our every client.

We hire translators affiliated with the some of the top universities as our editors. In addition, each translator:
  • is a native speaker of the original language or target language for the project. Many of our translators are bilingual
  • has conducted research and published their results in their respective field in both the language to be translated and English
  • has been extensively evaluated for accuracy in their translation work
  • has signed a strict confidentiality agreement to keep the client’s data undisclosed
Crimson has an experienced coordination team that fully understands the translation process and effectively manages the workflow on every project taking the requirements of that project into consideration.

Crimson Consulting Other Services JP-EN and EN-JP

With offices in India and Japan, and experience in dealing with clients in Japan, the Japanese and English language pair is our specialty. 55% of our translators are native English speakers living in USA, UK, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, etc. The other 45% are native Japanese speakers living in Japan, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, etc. Since they are spread all over the world, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Japanese Proficiency

Japanese Language Proficiency TestWe only use translators who have completed Level 2 and Level 1
J-Test: Test of Practical JapaneseWe only use translators who have scored more than 800 points on the J-Test
(B Level, Pre-A Level, A Level and Special A Level)
BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test We only use translators who have completed Level 2 and Level 1

English Proficiency

TOEIC: Test of English for International CommunicationWe only use Gold scorers (860 - 990)
TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign LanguageWe only use translators who have scored more than 100 on TOEFL iBT, or more than 600 on TOEFL PB
Apart from EN-JP and JP-EN, we specialize in the following translation pairs:
  • JP-ALL and ALL-JP
  • Mandarin (Simplified)-ALL and ALL- Mandarin (Simplified)
  • Cantonese(Traditional)-ALL and ALL- Cantonese(Traditional)
  • Taiwanese(Traditional)-ALL and ALL- Taiwanese(Traditional)
  • Korean-ALL and ALL- Korean
  • Portuguese-ALL and ALL- Portuguese
  • Spanish-ALL and ALL- Spanish
Apart from the above pairs, we offer translation service for any language to any language pair. Please refer to the website for more details.
We are members with:
Japan Translation Federation -
Japan Association of Translators -
Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association -
Amelia Translation Network -

Crimson Consulting Other Services Interpretation

If you happen to visit India, you will pose the language barrier. We offer onsite interpretation services to you in over 50 languages including every European and Asian language, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Ethiopian, Swahili, and others. Our interpreters are certified and have the experience and credentials necessary to provide an accurate and professional service. Call us even for rush service, rare languages, and services in remote locations.

We quickly respond to various clients' needs including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and guide as "Interpretation office close to client." We can meet all your interpreting needs including but not limited to the following situations
  • Conferences
  • Depositions
  • Hearings
  • Client Meetings
  • Arbitrations
  • Medical Appointments
  • Employee Interviews
  • Recorded Statements
  • Trainings
  • Phone Calls
For more details, please visit the website of our sister concern and


Conference proceedings, interviews, discussions, panels, speeches, and other forms of the spoken word are common in modern business life. However, their aural nature renders them ephemeral – the audio recordings must be transcribed into the written word for the record, and for further decisions to be taken. The science of transcription involves not only the mere conversion of audio to text, but understanding the undercurrents of tone, inflection, and style found in human speech, and conveying these subtly in the written word.

Our sister concern, Voxtab, provides Transcription services to retail as well as business clients in Japan, India, and other nations. Transcription is an emerging growth direction for our parent company, Crimson Interactive. Transcription is required in a variety of settings, including:
  • Conference Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
With a dedicated team of in-house Transcribers and Quality Analysts, Voxtab can effectively meet all your transcription needs, no matter what the language. We are well-versed with all accents and can handle most analog and digital formats. Please refer to the website for more details: