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These are the exact words supposed to have been uttered by Nandan Nilekani’s uncle when he announced that he along with a few others will start Infosys in India way back in 1981!

Still today, there are many Japanese companies who hesitate to venture out to India because of its complex laws and tax system. Same goes for Indian companies wanting to set offices in Japan. We provide a “One-stop Solution Service” to our clients and assist them in deciding whether or not they should be setting up a foreign office, which city they should be setting up in, helping them find an office, taking care of staffing needs, offering accounting, tax and legal services, and so on. This is to help facilitate Japanese companies to set up and thereafter run their operations smoothly in India.

How do some enterprises scale a success graph, while many of them seem to be going nowhere? The key difference lies in the time spent on core functions. The only way to be a leader and not a follower is focusing more on tasks that need your expertise, while outsourcing the rest of your operational and expert service jobs to the experts. We advise you to

entry strategies

With European and U.S. companies having established captive or outsourced offices or Joint Ventures in India, Japanese counterparts are now looking to increase the Indian element in their structure. Trends indicate that there is an immense interest in India, while at the same time, the number of Indian companies interested in Japan is also quite high.

As a one-stop solution, we offer you highly specialized services and at the same time lessen the burden of non-core functions for you. This helps you to spend more time on highly productive areas that result into higher top line as well as bottom line growth for you. You can trust us with providing top-notch research, strategic, operational consulting services for actionable business and strategic decisions. We provide real world solutions and in-depth expertise to complex business issues through our wide pool of resources and affiliates specializing in various areas in a business environment.

By bridging India and Japan, we aim to contribute to the Indo-Japan economic development and get as many potential Japanese companies to set up offices in India as possible, and as many potential Indian companies to set up offices in Japan.