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Soft Skill Training

Managerial Training

You could be faced with a problem of managing employees of a different country. A more successful business means better leaders. It is possible that you had an employee who had previously been on the team and is suddenly put into a position of responsibility. He/She may find it difficult to assert authority and motivate others. This is exactly what we help them do. You will agree that a trained set of managers is steadily sure to drive the organization towards it objectives - financial and otherwise.

Business Etiquettes Training (Country Customized)

Business etiquettes in a new country can be very complicated and mastering it or merely being aware about it would certainly be a very huge advantage. We provide very detailed training on most of the facets of business manners in Japan and India. At the program’s conclusion, the participant should be able to:
managerial training
  • Adapt to basic behavioral styles
  • Describe appropriate office dress code
  • Demonstrate an effective self introduction, introduction of others, and small talk
  • Successfully navigate a business meal.
  • Develop an action plan to improve personal professionalism.

Email Etiquette Training

staff training servicesGiven the globalization era we live in, inappropriate email etiquette can impact the audience, with consequences ranging from simple misunderstandings through to damaged reputation, potential loss of business and liability issues. Our professional email writing training courses combine the general principles of good correspondence with a more specific focus on the pitfalls and dangers of email writing and email etiquette.